She believed she could, and she did!

Focus on empowering women to thrive in the face of adversity

About Renee

My mission is to share my well-earned expertise to teach you and your team how to draw inspiring strength, courage, and success from every opportunity and adversity in your business. Learn more

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Victory in Time benefits you and your team by teaching you the skills to obtain new opportunities, turn adversity into opportunity, and establish valuable business goals for sustainable growth. Learn more


As a woman who launched and ran several multimillion-dollar businesses in a male-dominated industry, I share my story of victory as well as the faithful triumphs as a domestic violence survivor and later as a massive brain tumor survivor. Learn more

Consulting Services

Victory in Time benefits you and your team by teaching you the skills to obtain new opportunities, turn adversity into opportunity, and establish valuable business goals for sustainable growth. Whether you are a startup, small to medium-sized, successful, or troubled business, you will receive invaluable knowledge from over thirty years as the CEO of my own company.

Sales Strategies for sustainable growth and increased profit margins
Discovering and Focusing on your strengths
Sales strategies specific to individual customers needs
Consistent extraordinary customer service
Finding the Pain and selling the solution
Seeing opportunity in adversity and pivoting quickly for a successful long term outcome
Leadership minded team building
Leading first, managing second
Working “on” versus working “in” your business
When to say NO
Establishing and Maximizing the benefits of women owned certification

Allow me to share the same successful strategies with you to grow your business and make yourself stand out above the rest. I want to encourage you to utilize the knowledge I have gained to walk together with you on your exciting journey and watch you and your company soar.



As owner and CEO of Victory Bolt & Specialty for over thirty years, I have experienced many adversities and obstacles every step of the way.

From a three-person start-up to forty-nine employees and back to eight, I have reinvented myself and the company many times. But through it all, the business was successful and positively impacted many lives along the way. Then when the opportunity came along for me to sell that business and retire, I did—but I’m not done yet.

As a woman that ran a business in a male-dominated industry, to a domestic violence survivor, and later surviving a massive brain tumor that left me unable to walk for months, I am blessed beyond measure.

Using my trials, mistakes, and successes, I want to demonstrate the true power you can have to succeed on every level no matter what you may be facing. Your hard work, building relationships, and most of all your faith—can lead to this success in time. This combination brought me through a lot of the things that we women endure on a daily basis. I work through seeing adversities and obstacles as opportunities, and I would love to share my story with you of Victory in Time.

Women’s organizations and functions
Disability ministries
Domestic violence

“But those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
They shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

Victory Foundation

Help make a difference in your community! All net proceeds from Victory in Time go to Victory Foundation.

Victory Foundation is an organization founded on Christian principles and will give preference in funding to organizations that conduct themselves in the same manner. All donations will be made to organizations with a confirmed 501(c) (3) status.

We support the following causes:
Organizations that provide services and support to battered women, sexual assault, child abuse and sex trafficking
Organizations that contribute to the quality of life, affordable independent housing, mobility and inclusion of those with mental and physical disabilities


Blog posts from Renee Brezaeale’s musings and wisdom titled “Soaring on Wings of Eagles”

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Turning Point Resale Store

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About Renee

Thirty-five years ago, I started my career and became one of the first outside industrial salespeople. Five years later with only $3000 in my pocket and a high-interest credit card, I started my own company to have what other companies didn’t seem to focus on—heart and passion. In leading with my own heart and passion, I created a sustainable business model and developed long-term relationships around the world. In 2017, I sold the industrial fastener company. Today, I share the knowledge obtained over the duration of my life as a successful entrepreneur, survivor of many things, proud wife, mother, and grandmother.

A few accolades:
Founder and CEO–Victory Bolt & Specialty, Inc.
Victory was named the thirteenth Largest Women-Owned Company of 2017 (Charlotte Business Journal) and medium-size business of the year, 2017 (Union County Chamber of Commerce) 

Victory was named Vendor of the Year for Irby Corporation (div of Sonapar) & Wesco Int.
Certified Woman-Owned Company
Recognized Member of Women of Empowerment
Patent Designer of a one-driver bit fastener system
Cofounder and Manager of Victory Foundation
Operating Officer of Breazeale Holdings
Board Chair for Turning Point–Battered Women’s Shelter of Union County
Advisory Board Member for Truist Bank and Joni & Friends Disability Ministry

Dear Ladies,
There are many things I would like to share with you. It has been quite the journey, and in many ways, I feel that it has only just begun. At times, there were good moments, sometimes bad, and other times downright ugly. Then there were those instances when it was all those things at the same time. It takes my breath away to think back on all the obstacles that turned into significant opportunities and the people that touched my life in so many ways. I hope that I can benefit others just as much as I continue this journey called life.

Allow me to use all the great opportunities I have experienced, as well as the many adversities, to help you steer your business down the curvy road ahead. Whether it is one-on-one sessions, reading my blog posts, or attending a speaking engagement, I am here to help. My goal is to demonstrate to you the true power you have on the inside to succeed no matter what you face.

I am a survivor, and one thing is for sure,
I believed I could, and I did.
You, too, can have Victory in Time!