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Helping executives, leaders, and business owners excel in their faith, lives, and work.  

About the Founder

Renee sold her business in 2019 for millions as one of the largest woman-owned industrial companies in the Southeast. Now, she thrives on sharing her wisdom gained with other women leaders to help make the pathway less daunting for women striving to excel in leadership, business, and life.  Learn more

Victory Circles

“Leading the eagle way.” As eagles circle to assess a situation, Victory Circles are a forum to empower leaders, executives, and business owners to be in a safe space for reflection, insights, learning, and growth. Learn more

Motivational Speaker

As a woman who launched and ran several multimillion-dollar businesses in a male-dominated industry, I share my story of victory and triumphs as a domestic violence survivor to later face a massive brain tumor. Learn more


Blog posts from Renee Breazeale’s musings and wisdom titled “Soaring Heights”

How Do You See Your Goliath?

How Do You See Your Goliath?

How do you see your Goliath? When you think of David and Goliath, the famous biblical story in which David defeats the giant Goliath with a single stone from his sling comes to mind. However, there is more to this story than meets the eye. In fact, when you take a...

Turning Point Resale Store

Turning Point Resale Store

As a leader, it is imperative to review your strengths and weaknesses consistently, whether for-profit or non-profit entity. As the Turning Point board reviewed our financials, we were confident that one of our most substantial assets was the staff's ability to run...

From the Trailer Park To The Country Club

From the Trailer Park To The Country Club

In 1981, President Reagan was healing from a near-fatal gunshot wound during his assassination attempt when one of his aides walked into his hospital room. As he stood there, he watched the leader of the free world on his hands and knees wiping up water from the...