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Keen Visionary

A visionary with sharp perception and awareness, being watchful and alert, not intimidated to see goals over obstacles, confronts fears with bravery.

High Soaring

Strong and decisive actions, agile and open to opportunities, with ambitious and determined goals, aspiring for greatness.


Bouncing back from challenges, facing them with courage, and persevering through difficulties.


Defending personal boundaries with poise and elegance, presenting oneself with dignity, focusing on longevity and well-being, giving back, and remaining faith-filled.

Swift Reflexes

Quick decision-making, strategic thinking, and effective communication skills.


Letting others soar through teamwork, support, and fostering growth and success, while prioritizing strong relationship building.


The ability to wait for the best opportunities and outcomes, coupled with flexibility in various situations, while remaining vigilant, watchful, and alert.

Progress over Perfection: A Journey Towards Authenticity

Progress over Perfection: A Journey Towards Authenticity

Are you feeling pressured to maintain and image of perfection? Have you struggled lately with being your authentic self in a difficult situation? Do you stress from hiding your mistakes to appear flawless? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please read on....

Leading the Eagle Way- Choosing Your F-Word Carefully

Leading the Eagle Way- Choosing Your F-Word Carefully

Leadership is about facing challenges head-on and possessing the courage to push through adversity. Much like the hunting skills of an eagle, leaders stay focused on their ultimate goal, never intimidated by the size of their prey. As a speaker, I learned this lesson...

Yes, I Said Y’all: Embracing Who We Are

Yes, I Said Y’all: Embracing Who We Are

As a Southern woman, I have faced the question of whether or not to diminish my accent to be taken seriously in my new speaking career. It's not the first time, as it happened on a date more than 16 years ago. At that time, I excused myself to the restroom, instead...

Is Adversity Victory?

Is Adversity Victory?

Have you faced any adversity recently? We all have, and there is no end in sight for most of us. Everyone faces adversity, and though our business climates and personal seasons may change, the overarching message is the same: Adversity is Victory; you don't achieve...