Impactful Speaking

She refuses to limp through life

As owner and CEO of Victory Bolt & Specialty for over thirty years, I have experienced many adversities and obstacles every step of the way.

From a three-person start-up to forty-nine employees and back to eight, I have reinvented myself and the company many times. But through it all, the business was successful and positively impacted many lives along the way. Then when the opportunity came along for me to sell that business and retire, I did—but I’m not done yet.

As a woman that ran a business in a male-dominated industry, to a domestic violence survivor, to later face a massive brain tumor that left me unable to walk for months, I am blessed beyond measure.

Using my trials, mistakes, and successes, I want to demonstrate the true power you can have to succeed on every level no matter what you may be facing. Your hard work, building relationships, and most of all your faith—can lead to this success in time. This combination brought me through a lot of the things that we women endure on a daily basis. I work through seeing adversities and obstacles as opportunities, and I would love to share my story with you of my journey to Victory in Time.

“But those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
They shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)


Whether training seminars, keynote speaking, workshops and retreats, Renee has inspired and motived many over the years. She has chosen the topics below for businesses, industrial and charitable organizations, churches and women’s events.

Succeeding In Life

· The Valor of Your Worth: Excelling with Confidence

· Your Own Worst Enemy: Getting Out of Your Way

· Unleashing Your Potential: Embracing Your Strengths & Talents

· Passion-Driven Purpose: Doing What You Love

Leading Others to Excel

· Leading in Faith: Trusting, Believing, & Embracing

· Leading Forward: The Power of Paying Attention

· Leading by Engaging: Unleashing Your Team’s Potential

· Leading Change: How Passion & Purpose Align a Can-Do Spirit

Women Leaders

· Digging in Your Heels: Standing Up, Standing Out

· Debunking Imposter Syndrome: Owning What You’ve Earned

· Commanding Respect: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

· When To Say No & Mean It

Specialty Topics for Charitable Organizations

· Being Disabled Doesn’t Mean Unable

· Bruises Only Scratch the Surface: Seeing and Being Beyond the Trauma

· Being Invisible: The Stigma of Not Being Seen

· Faith First, Not Last: Christian-based Leadership

· The Gift of Receiving Well

Excelling in Business

· Their Pain is Your Gain: Customer-Centric Problem Solving

· Soaring Through Adversity: Lessons to Rise Above

· Separating Your Who From Your Do

· Scaling Your Business: Pitfalls, Promises, & Profits

· The Power of We: Strengthening Team, Vendor, & Customer Relations

· Bottom Line Brilliance: Managing Cash Flow, Profits & Performance

· David vs. Goliath: Making Innovation Your Slingshot

· Creating Win-Win-Win: Values-Based Negotiating

· Making a Commodity a Unique Offering

· It’s Not Just Business; It’s Personal


Renee is a truly gifted speaker in every sense of the word. She has the ability to connect heart -to-heart with her audience. As I listened to Renee speak, I was deeply blessed by her warmth, southern humor, and rock-solid faith in the goodness of God.  I was immeasurably inspired and strengthened!

Leila S.


Renee Breazeale is a dynamic speaker.  She speaks with conviction and it is evident she is passionate in her delivery. Renee commands the attention of her audience.  Not only is Renee’s story one of struggle and overcoming adversity but her faith is truly one of inspiration.  I highly recommend Renee for a speaker for any audience.

Christa T.


Renee Breazeale is an inspirational speaker with an incredible story of overcoming adversity with determination, skill, and faith.  As a speaker, Renee brings the audience along with her on her personal and professional journey offering encouragement, motivation, and insight.

Pat K.