The Victory Advantage was cofounded by Ray and Renee Breazeale as a certified nonprofit dedicated to providing pathways of hope and opportunity for successful and independent living for those with cognitive and physical disabilities. Net proceeds from Renee’s books will go toward funding the mission and ministry of their foundation, as well as personal, private and corporate donations.

Grant Funding Opportunities for Individuals and Certified 501(c)(3) Non-Profits

Granting financial assistance to qualifying applicants with cognitive and/or physical limitations to live independently with dignity. Examples of potential financial needs are listed below:

  • To maintain or acquire independent housing opportunities such as rental assistance and deposits, etc.
  • Construction needs in a private home to bridge the gap beyond what is required by the ADA and what is needed for independent living.
  • Transportation services and equipment.
  • Employment opportunities such as capital to start a business.

Capital Campaign

Design and construction of a housing community made attainable for individuals with cognitive and/or physical disabilities or limitations assessed to live independently that are 21 years and older

  • Don’t need full-time caregiver.
  • May be financially strapped due to high medical care requirements.
  • Been in a family unit with caregiver and want to be more independent.
  • Ability to work either part or full time.
  • Seeking next step housing.

    How We Do It

    The following values are key to how we approach every decision that will drive our success, sustainability and impact. 

    Faith First: It is by the grace of God and being stewards of his example that we strive to serve others.

    Giving Back & Paying It Forward: It is with gratitude and the blessings of good fortune that this foundation exists to give from the heart and make an everlasting difference.

    Family & Community: A sense of community and belonging creates a unity in spirit that elevates everyone to live their best, most purposeful lives.

    Love & Harmony: Being able to live in a place surrounded by love and harmony creates a safe, secure environment to flourish and continue to grow in faith, confidence, and contentment.

    Helping Others Succeed: We believe that everyone has a special contribution to make in this world. We strive to eliminate barriers that may hinder one’s ability to succeed.

    Accessible Housing & Living Made Affordable: We are steadfast in enhancing living conditions and living standards to help those with disabilities or limitations enjoy a place they can truly call home.

    Accountability: We will be fiscally accountable to our vision and mission and those we serve in everything we endeavor to do.