Victory Circles

Facilitated by Renee Breazeale, these monthly masterminds are designed to help leaders build in faith, grow in purpose. Curriculum based on access to more than 20,000 Leadership & Personal Care Training Videos & Programs and Proprietary Curriculum based on Renee’s book, Soaring Through Adversity and her knowledge earned from 32 years owning, operating and selling a successful business in 2019.

All groups are designed for small privately held businesses and will be made up of a group of 8-12 professionals. If you are desiring to lead your businesses, careers and lives for a greater purpose using biblical principles in your life and the marketplace, then there is a group designed specifically for you.


90 days 1:1 mentoring/coaching sessions required to be a candidate for Victory Circles

Insights and Wisdom To Be Gained:

  • Establishing or re-confirming your mission and vision statements
  • Defining your purpose, dreams and guiding principles
  • Effectively aligning and communicating your vision within your company
  • Learning how to cast and model your guiding principles into your business
  • Being your authentic self
  • Branding yourself within your company and your industry
  • Networking 101 – finding your people
  • Setting boundaries and when to say no
  • Gaining outside perspectives

Victory Circle Mastermind Groups

SHE LEADS SUCCESS – Female ONLY, Executives and Small business owners in male-dominated industries

Are you a female executive or business owner looking for your next level of success or vent in frustration looking for the respect you deserve? In male-dominated industries, it can be quite difficult to climb the ranks, but with the right support and guidance from fellow like-minded women in a mastermind group.  Our group allows you to reach your highest potential through connecting with other inspiring women leaders who will mentor, inspire and motivate each other on their journey towards professional growth and personal development. 

  • Monthly Facilitated 3-hour In-Person and/or virtual Meetings
  • 1 hour one-to-one mentoring quarterly included

FIRST TO NEXT MILLION – Small business owners from startup to $2 million in sales

Do you dream about taking your business to the next level and achieving financial freedom? Are you looking for an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs who can help you reach that goal faster? If yes, then the mastermind group Victory Circles –Is just what you need! Join us now on our journey as we strive together towards greater success all while using your faith to find your greatest purpose and value in your life and workplace.

  • Monthly Facilitated 3-hour In-Person and/or virtual Meetings
  • 1 hour one-to-one mentoring quarterly included

LEADING ON PURPOSE – Emerging Leaders

You don’t have to embark on this journey alone – join forces with others who share your same passion for growth and development! Be inspired by new perspectives, gain valuable knowledge and create meaningful relationships that help build confidence in yourself, all while using your faith in the marketplace to discover your greater purpose.

  • Monthly Facilitated 3-hour In-Person and/or virtual Meetings
  • 1 hour one-to-one mentoring quarterly included

Lesson to Soar

Get perspective outside of your inner circle. There is great value in gaining insights from those who have no skin in the game but to provide their experience and perspective. Be open to share and receive to learn, grow and succeed.”