This Fourth of July, let us remember our shared history and the people who have fought to make America a place where all people can live in freedom and dignity. As we celebrate the birth of a nation, let us also reflect on how far we have come as a society in upholding these core values and striving together toward true liberty and justice for all.

These are only a few valid reasons America’s rich history serves as a constant reminder of the tireless pursuit of true liberty and justice for all. These points will help you understand why we celebrate America’s Birthday each year by honoring and celebrating America’s foundational values. Moreover, it signifies an unwavering commitment to acknowledge and address our ongoing challenges in our collective journey toward a more inclusive and equitable society.

• This Fourth of July marks the 247th anniversary of the United States of America, reflecting on the revolutionary belief declared by our founders: “All men are created equal.”

• This groundbreaking concept asserted that government is based upon the “consent of the governed” and that all human beings, regardless of merit or potential, are of equal value spiritually.

• America still strives to live up to the ideals proclaimed in its Declaration, upheld by self-sacrifice in defending its rights for independence for all.    

• Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., amongst others, sought to cash out the promissory note set forth by our founders, believing that one day this nation will rise up and fully embody its own creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.”

On this Fourth of July, let us all recognize the many individuals, past and present, who have fought to uphold America’s core values. These freedom fighters have served as inspirational models for many generations and we should celebrate their efforts and never forget the legacy they left behind. To show our appreciation for such a meaningful occasion, why not extend a hand to those in need? There is an infinite number of ways to give back, whether it’s through volunteering at local food kitchens, donating clothes or money to homeless shelters or helping out at animal sanctuaries. Let us come together on this holiday season with one common goal: reaching true liberty and justice for all. We must continue to challenge ourselves and seek knowledge in order to move forward as a community. By doing this, we will ensure that ideals of equality never fade and are consistently being upheld in each generation despite challenging times ahead of us. So this Fourth of July, remember that celebrating our nation’s independence is always pairing with loving one another—no matter what—and living out the ideals established by our founder’s declaration: “all men are created equal”.