In 1981, President Reagan was healing from a near-fatal gunshot wound during his assassination attempt when one of his aides walked into his hospital room. As he stood there, he watched the leader of the free world on his hands and knees wiping up water from the floor. He said, sir, what are you doing? His response, I didn’t want my nurse to get into trouble because the floor was wet. Imagine what the aide thought, do you think he learned a valuable lesson in leadership and serving, or did he think, I would never do this, if I were the President of the United States, I would call someone to do it, I wouldn’t care if she got into trouble or not?

When you were a child, do you remember playing follow the leader? I do, and it was so much fun to play, especially as the leader. I think people follow the leader in most cases, which is why I have chosen to be a leader who serves in hopes that others will as well.

Thirty-five years ago, I started my career as the first outside salesperson in an all male-dominated industry, industrial supplies, and fasteners of all things. Five years later, I started my own company because I could ”do it” better by simply appreciating the customer/client and serving them better than the large corporations where I had worked. Using a servant’s mentality and treating the employees as an inclusive, respected team would lead to a successful business model, and Victory Bolt was born.

That is when I found my true passion! It is the craziest thing to look back on now because I did it with no (well, minimal) fear and only $3000. It has been a journey of many blessings with plenty of adversity sprinkled along the way. I have often joked that I went from the trailer park to the country club in only 50 years. Through that time, I experienced many ups and downs both in my business and my personal life, but I was blessed to take them both to a level that not only survived but thrived in ways that I never could have imagined.

Using my trials, mistakes, and successes, I want to demonstrate the real power YOU can have to succeed on every level, no matter what you face. Your hard work, building relationships serving others, and faith can lead you to success. My goal is to demonstrate to you that no matter how tough or even insurmountable your hurdles may seem, you can love, learn, grow stronger AND achieve victory… in time!

I am graciously asking for the opportunity to work with you and your team at your business. Or inspire you and your group by speaking at your upcoming event. Would you please go to and send me a message?

Image caption: My former employees at Victory Bolt & Specialty, Inc. serving TurningPoint, the battered women’s shelter of Union County, NC in recognizing National Domestic Violence Month. Please visit (or) to find a shelter in your area. Leading by example…John 13:16

Here to serve,