How frequently do you define yourself solely by your professional role? If the answer is yes, or even sometimes, this article may hit close to home. I am well aware of how the hustle and bustle of managing our daily tasks often leaves us with little time to introspect. However, it is better to take the time to do it now than to regret it later.

Writing my book, Soaring through Adversity, a journey of self-discovery   unfolded in ways I hadn’t anticipated. The act of writing became more than just sharing experiences; it evolved into a reflection of myself that had been hidden, even to my own eyes. I came to a stark realization—for too long, I had defined myself narrowly by my title as CEO of Victory Bolt & Specialty. Simply put, I had come to believe that what I did for a living was who I was, not what I did. .   .

This revelation was almost immediate when I no longer donned the title of CEO. It is, after all, incredibly comforting to shelter behind a title that society holds in high esteem. A title can mask our insecurities and magnify our status, often leading us to believe that our worth is tied to these labels. I had never separated my “who from my do.”

But as I peeled back layers, an illuminating truth emerged – our titles are not our legacies; rather, what we accomplish and how we impact others genuinely define us. When we stand up and stand out beyond our titles, we open ourselves to a world of self-awareness and genuine recognition.

Discover Who You Are Beyond What You Do

The path to recognizing one’s value beyond professional accolades requires critical self-reflection. It is indeed a profound, sometimes uncomfortable, endeavor to question the basis of our identity and explore who we truly are outside the confines of our job description.

Self-reflection is a tool of enlightenment that rewards those courageous enough to seek answers. It involves asking ourselves:

  • Who am I when the boardroom is empty?
  • What ideals do I treasure beyond profitability?
  • Which achievements genuinely resonate with my core principles?
  • What happens when I sell my business or when the time comes to retire?

Through this lens of inquiry, wisdom ensues. It helps us appreciate our fundamental virtues and identify with our successes rather than those tied solely to our corporate stature.

Embracing Your Genuine Self

Moving past our titles allows us to authentically stand up and stand out. It provides the freedom to express our ideas and beliefs and take pride in our accomplishments. Moreover, it encourages us to value our uniqueness and the diverse contributions we make, both professionally and personally.

Detaching from our executive labels equips us to engage more genuinely, demonstrating leadership driven by character rather than fearing the loss of status.

The Essence of Your Actions and Accomplishments

Undoubtedly, actions speak volumes, and it is through them that we should gauge our impact. It’s in the substance of what we do – the initiatives we inaugurate, the culture we cultivate, and the mentorship we provide – that we distinguish ourselves.

I urge you to own your achievements not for the titles you have earned, but for the extensive value, they add to your life and those around you. Build a legacy that resonates with who you are at the core, not what you do.


Remember, the essence of who we are is not our titles or roles but the significance of our actions and the sincerity of our accomplishments. By practicing self-reflection, we empower ourselves to acknowledge our true worth and fortify our identities beyond mere professional titles. It is in this space of self-awareness and authenticity that we stand up, stand out, and rightfully own our achievements with pride.

Ultimately, the legacy we leave behind will speak not to the titles we’ve held but to the people we’ve nurtured, the values we’ve upheld, and the difference we’ve made. Stand tall in your truth, and let your actions articulate the profound narrative of who you are.

This quote from my book is a powerful reminder that our worth and value extend far beyond our professional achievements. Only by embracing our genuine selves and standing up and standing out beyond our titles can we truly leave a lasting legacy. So, let us continue striving towards personal growth and self-actualization, knowing that who we are, not what we do, defines us.