Through my 16-month journey, I asked myself why I was writing this book? Some days the words poured onto the pages. Others, it was nothing but tears, some happy and some sad. But I told myself if I could bless just one person, it would be worth it. I never envisioned it to be my 15-year-old granddaughter that   felt compelled to do this book report.  The emotions I feel are overwhelming and I so proud of her.



Theme Statement-

The theme is developed throughout the whole book, the author talks about her life, and how she has overcame the obstacles in her life. The title Soaring Through Adversity means no matter the situation you are put through you always have to pick yourself up and prove many people wrong with everything you have been through. I relate to this because as a 15 year old I’ve faced many challenges, obstacles and so much more but I’ve always had to put one foot in front of the other and get through it. I’ve always struggled with pushing through but this book shows that you can’t give up and you always have to be independent and pick yourself up, not only pick yourself up but push yourself.

Rating out of 5 stars- explain rating-

I give this book a 5/5 and the reason why is because the author has made me overcome so much in life. She has taught me to never give up in any situation. I look up to her deeply for many reasons, if it wasn’t for this book being wrote I don’t know how I would have looked at the situations I have been through. Sometimes I sit back and think about this book and the quotes that are in here. One thing about this book is when you are facing challenges sit back and read this book.

Text-To-Self Connection-

I am really happy I chose this book. I relate to this book a lot, not because of the obstacles that she faced but the way she overcame them and proved that she is way better than others will think she is. This book shows me that no matter what you’re going through you can always get through it, as long as you put one foot in front of the other and push yourself. This book has also helped me get through some of my hardest times.

Text to World

This book connects to the real world because this is some real like obstacles anybody can go through. This book was written to show us that anybody can get through some of your hardest times even if it takes half your life. These big obstacles can affect the rest of your life, and with this connecting to the real world, you can actually visual put yourself in her shoes and your mindset can completely change.


This book is about her life and business, how she was living out of a suitcase, going through a brain tumor, to now having a great life.  She was living out of a suitcase due to going through a divorce.  She went through a really rough time in her life when she had a brain tumor and had to get multiple surgeries. She wrote this book to show people they are not alone, and they are not fighting battles by themselves. She wrote this book to show people that you can get through it when you push yourself.  She is now helping people in various ways.

Favorite Quotes

“At twenty years old, I found myself divorced, sleeping on couches and showering at various friends’ houses with my clothes in the trunk of my car. That car and those clothes were all I owned.”  “I would use this pain and heartbreak to launch the next stage of my life” PG:49

Writing this book has empowered me with a deeper appreciation for life, and I’m thankful that Lexy and, hopefully, many others can experience this feeling of empowerment too.

What we can learn from our past experiences and how they turned into something beautiful is incredible. This is why I wrote Soaring Through Adversity. It has been an amazing journey and worth every minute of effort I put into writing it. Thank you to those who touched my life and were part of my story!