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Keen Visionary

A visionary with sharp perception and awareness, being watchful and alert, not intimidated to see goals over obstacles, confronts fears with bravery.

High Soaring

Strong and decisive actions, agile and open to opportunities, with ambitious and determined goals, aspiring for greatness.


Bouncing back from challenges, facing them with courage, and persevering through difficulties.


Defending personal boundaries with poise and elegance, presenting oneself with dignity, focusing on longevity and well-being, giving back, and remaining faith-filled.

Swift Reflexes

Quick decision-making, strategic thinking, and effective communication skills.


Letting others soar through teamwork, support, and fostering growth and success, while prioritizing strong relationship building.


The ability to wait for the best opportunities and outcomes, coupled with flexibility in various situations, while remaining vigilant, watchful, and alert.

To Degree or Not To Degree

To Degree or Not To Degree

Many entrepreneurs dream of starting a business that will grow into something substantial; however, for various reasons have yet to be able to obtain a formal education. But is it possible to make that dream come true and establish and grow a successful business...

Cross Leadership

Cross Leadership

Cross Leadership: Jesus' Resurrection and Its Relevance for Business LeadersĀ  Jesus chose very unlikely followers that would prove to be great leaders. Peter, for example, was a fisherman by trade. Jesus empowered these seemingly unqualified individuals to become...