As a leader, it is imperative to review your strengths and weaknesses consistently, whether for-profit or non-profit entity. As the Turning Point board reviewed our financials, we were confident that one of our most substantial assets was the staff’s ability to run successful resale stores in the county we serve. The board determined that we should use this strength, our gift, to not only help sustain our financial well-being but to spread our message that “love doesn’t have to hurt.” Our goal, to establish a resale boutique in a different part of our county where we could not only grow our retail presence for further financial support but, even more critically, provide awareness and prevention of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault.

So, the search began, and it would prove to be even more of a challenge than we had first thought. At the time, we did not realize that there was minimal retail space in that part of the county. We did find various other types of space that visited but learned they would not work due to size, layout, and various other reasons. But, there was one retail space that we thought was perfect. It had high visibility and was the ideal size, and after about a month, it seemed it would become a reality. However, with much disappointment, the deal fell through. We couldn’t establish a lease agreement that would benefit all parties, we couldn’t make it happen, and this door would close, or did it?

After a year of further searching, discussions, and waiting for the pandemic to release its grip, we ended up right where we began. That perfect location remained empty, and it was never far from our minds. Many companies had wanted the space, but the deals were never closed. So, we thought, why not approach the realtor again to see what might happen? I have always said you should always ask; the answer may be no, but it’s definitely a no if you don’t ask. So I made the call, and this time there was no stopping the process.

The miracle of God’s timing didn’t stop there. Not only did we sign the lease, but with one phone call to establish a meeting at the site, Pastor David Price, as part of the CARE Ministry Team from Lee Park Church, agreed to provide all the materials needed to get the space into the shape we needed at NO CHARGE. But Lee Park didn’t stop there. Mr. Scott Ward with the Men’s Ministry and his team provided all the labor to complete the process. They took on the task of knocking down a wall, painting, building shelving, dressing rooms, installing missing ceiling tiles, and much more.

Working as a team, in God’s perfect timing, we were able to create a space that would be “a win” for everyone and continue to support our vital cause in our wonderful community. I am pleased and very excited to announce the opening of the Indian Trail location of Second Chance Boutique. The Grand Opening will be on October 1st, 2021, and we look forward to seeing you at our fourth resale boutique! In the Indian Trail Plaza (behind the Chick-fil-A) at 13803 Hwy 74 East, Suites C & D in Indian Trail, NC. Would you please stay tuned for details about our ribbon cutting with the Union County Chamber of Commerce on October 6th at noon, along with press coverage from Tri-News and possibly the Enquirer Journal?

On behalf of the entire board, I would like to thank Lee Park Church, Pastor David Price, Mr. Scott Ward, and their team. We would also like to thank the Turning Point store staff and the store’s manager, Tracy Wagner, for all the long hours she has contributed to making this possible.


Here to serve,


Turning Point Board Chair and CEO Victory In Time